Bath & Shower Products

Bath & Shower Products

Bath & Shower Products (Custom Blended)


Bubble Bath – Unscented or custom blended

Body Wash – Unscented or custom blended

Bath Salts – $12.00 – 250 gr Jar

1. Immune Boosting- always available
2. Soothing/Calming- always available

Adults only- no pregnancy
1-2 tbsp per bath (Avg 6-8 baths per jar)
*Feel free to add your own scent free salts for the added benefits.

A mixture of salts and baking soda with essential oils that have been properly diluted with a fixed oil. Once salt and oil mixture hits the water, it will float on the surface. you can then safely rub the oils onto your skin and enjoy the aromatic scent for hauling and relaxation.

* Blends can be made for children and pregnancy(after the first trimester)
* There is much research now showing that essential oils can affect alertness, mood through stimulation of the olfactory nerve.


Epsom Salts / Himalayan Salts / Dead Sea Salts / Baking Soda

These have numerous benefits for your health individually even more so when combined.
Reducing inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps; relax and destress; stimulate circulation; aids in maintaining the proper PH balance are just a few reasons for adding these to your bath salt formulation.

*What may be a pleasing scent to one person may be completely unpleasant to another*

Bath & Skin Care Product Consultation   (Book now)

Let me guide you in creating your own pleasing formula from my stock of over 70 essential oils. I will keep a record of your favorite essential oils and your product formula for easy refills. Just call ahead for me to prepare it for you.

I can accommodate up to two individuals at one appointment.
One person: $30.00 ( A booking with two the price will be $25.00 per person )

What you can expect at your initial consult:

– We will consult and complete an intake form as well as read and sign a consent form
— This consult is to determine what your needs are; what your preferred products are; what essential oils you prefer. Please be advised that your product may take a couple of days to formulate and create.
– You will choose your skin care products ( body wash; bubble bath; face regiment; body lotion; body moisturizer; facial scrub).
( A partial payment for your product will be required at the time.)
Follow-up consult for Bath & Skin Products $15.00 ( 30- 45 minutes )
***( It will be your choice to either have me create your additional blends or you may re-book for a follow-up consult to have a hand in the new creations.*

First Response Care

First Response Care


First Response Care

*30 ml Spray: $5.50 / 15gr Cream: $12.00 OR Buy Both for $15.00

These 2 products will help prevent infection and promote healing on the localized spot of cuts, and scrapes.

There are 3 strengths available.

*One for ages 2-6 years of age
*One for ages 6-15 year of age
*One for adults

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