Cold – Flu Massage Oil30ml$10.00
Digestive Soother Massage Oil30ml$12.00
Immune Booster Roll-on10ml$6.00
Aches & Pains Massage Oil30ml$8.50
Headache Roll-On5ml$5.00
Cold Sore (prevents & treats)*BEST SELLER3.5ml$4.00
Toothpaste (coconut oil/Baking soda/antimicrobial essential oils)125gr$7.50
Acne Lotion30ml$14.00
Peppermint Hydrosol ( Hot flashes)
*Best Seller*
Roll-On Perfume ( Holly Oil+ Rosewood + Sweet Orange essential oils )
( The following are products from Casaroma Wellness )
Hizz Cologne Spray120ml$20.00
Beard Oil30ml$7.50
Hizz After Shave120ml$8.50

Inhalers – Adult Only – All $7.50

These can be easily and discreetly used anywhere anytime. Here are just a few readily available; can be customized for your particular needs.
-Concentration- Sinus Congestion- Headache- Anxiety- Sleep- Jet Lag
*These can be custom made for Children ( Fewer drops on wick )


Liquid Deodorant – Can be custom blended

Scented – 30ml – $5.50
(Sandalwood – Cypress – Sage – Lavender – High Proof Alcohol)
Unscented 30ml $4.50

Lip Balms – $3.75 Each

Key Lime

Ingredients: Soy Bean Oil, Beeswax sunflower seed oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Vit E, Fragrance.

Go-Away Spray

Safe Ages 2 & Up ( To help keep the pesky insects at bay )

*Stronger formulations for adults can be custom blended*

Safe for Skin$7.50 Fractionated Coconut Oil Blend 30ml
Spray on Clothing$7.00 Distilled Water/ Alcohol Blend 30ml