Tumbled Stones

* All tumbled stones comes with a description card of its properties.

Here at Megaroma, I keep a small selection of tumbled stones on display simply for my love of them. I have about 15 different stones to choose from, all different sizes and shapes.

I offer you the opportunity to create your very own necklace using your intuition.
First, you choose your stone letting your intuition guide you then you choose your color and size of cage, then you choose a necklace.  The price will vary between $9.00 Р$12.00

Tumbled Stones Prices Varies

Assorted Alloy Chains$5.00
Cages (silver/gold/copper)$3.75
Leather Necklace$5.00
Nylon Necklace$4.50
Stone Bracelets (4mm.8mm)Prices Vary
Stone PendantsPrices Vary
Tumbled StonesPrices Vary
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