Room & Linen Sprays (can be custom blended)


ING. Distilled water, alcohol, essential oils.

Blends available have a combination of properties that are anti-viral /anti-bacterial /anti-microbial /disinfectant /calming /soothing /energizing.

*What may be a pleasing scent to one person may be completely unpleasant to another*

Yoga Mat Spray – 60ml $7.00

Green Mandarin/Tea Tree/Alcohol/Distilled Water

Booking for Custom Diffusion Blends   

$25.00 for one participant
(Two – Four participants)- $20.00 each
What you can expect at your initial booking: ( 1 – 2 Hours: Depending on how many participants)

You will be required to read and sign a consent before I begin to prepare a product for you.

We will create a pure blend in either 5ml or 10ml bottle; or a linen/room spray in either 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml size

We will discuss your particular desires for a blend ( car vents; aroma jewelry; ultrasonic diffuser; inhaler etc.) and with over 70 essential oils at your disposal, we will get to work creating the perfect synergy blend for YOU.

You will receive a 30ml bottle of room spray free of charge OR $4.00 off of the product you choose to make. The price of your product will vary depending on the essentials oils used and product and supplies needed. ( usually between $4,00 – $20.00 )

I will keep a record of each person’s blend and likes and dislikes for future reference and easy refills. Just call ahead and I will prepare for pickup.

Perhaps learn something new as well as have FUN!!

Follow-up appointment:  ( 30-45 minutes)    $15.00 for one participant  – $10.00 ea. for Two – Four  Participants

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