Mini Facial/Foot Bath

**Soaking feet in a bath of hot water will relax and soothe your body. It can alleviate abdominal pain, headaches, cramps, flu symptoms to name a few.**

-In an all-in-one pedicure spa that has 4 heat and ultrasonic vibration control setting/with a 6-inch deep basin.
-Salt and sugar scrub ( includes honey, baking soda ) that has essential oils with antifungal/antibacterial properties.

45 minutes – $45.00 taxes included

Start off with a 15-minute foot bath — followed by a mini facial session; includes cleanser/toner/cream; scalp massage. Followed by a session of light filing to keep feet smooth and soft, finishing off with a moisturizer and massage.

The first visit adds on fee of $5.00 for the foot file (leave here) or bring your own.

***Our skin is one of the largest organs our bodies have and it works hard every day to protect us from harmful elements. Developing a skin care routine is important because it can help this organ do its job better and longer****

Foot Products

Foot Care – All products help combat odor and prevent and or treat Athletes Foot & Nail Fungus.
Sneaker & Boot PowderJar$8.00
Shoe Spray60ml$8.50
Happy Feet Spray30ml$7.50
Foot Scrub Jar$7.50
*This is a Salt/Sugar Scrub for feet*
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