Massage Therapy

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Megaroma Uses Vegetable Oils (Carrier Oils) for your Massage

Natural Vegetable Oils can help to lubricate, moisturize and nourish the skin with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and other important nutrition (fatty acids are important for nourishing the skin).

Some Facts

An aromatherapy treatment consists of 2-3% essential oil and 97-98% carrier oil and in facial treatments that fall to around .5%- 1% essential oil and 99% carrier.
When the carrier oil is mixed with the essential oils this synergy can provide some amazing benefits for your skin.
When blended correctly the results can diminish wrinkles, bringing softness, suppleness, and radiance to your skin.
Most commonly used here at Megaroma Wellness Centre for Massage Are:

Fractionated Coconut Oil (F.C.O.)

Its stability serves as a protective layer, helping to retain the moisture in your skin/light and easily absorbed / renowned for its hydrating and soothing properties/ incredible balance of natural saturated fatty acids not found in other oils. It encourages healthy skin relief of dry rough and wrinkled skin.

Holly Oil

Is a man-made product that is an unscented and clear, non-staining pure oil. Contains anti-oxidates which fight against aging and free radicals. Will not clog pores or leave residue on the skin.

As Well As:

M.C.T. oil/Grapeseed oil/Sweet Almond Oil/Apricot Kernel Oil…

Calming /Peaceful /Low lighting /Spa Music /Aroma Diffusion ( if desired)

30 Min. Aroma Massage

30 Min. Aroma Massage Session (with or without essential oils)
$35.00 Tax included – (no foot bath)
Back, neck and Scalp massage.
Megaroma Wellness Centre - Massage

45 Min. Aroma Massage

45-minute Aroma Massage session (with or without essential oils)
$50.00 Tax included ( no foot bath )
Back, neck, arms, legs, hands, Scalp massage

60 Min. Relaxation Session

60 Min. Session (with or without essential oils)
$65.00 Tax included (includes foot bath)

15 min. foot bath with salt/sugar scrub; followed by a 45-minute massage
( Back, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, scalp massage)

Skin Consulting
Aroma Massage

85 Min. Relaxation Session

85 Min. Session (with or without essentials oils)
$85.00 Tax included (includes foot bath)
15 min. Foot bath with sugar/salt scrub followed by a 70-minute massage
( Back, neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, scalp massage)

Mini Facial/Foot Bath

**Soaking feet in a bath of hot water will relax and soothe your body. It can alleviate abdominal pain, headaches, cramps, flu symptoms to name a few.**

-In an all-in-one pedicure spa that has 4 heat and ultrasonic vibration control setting/with a 6-inch deep basin.
-Salt and sugar scrub ( includes honey, baking soda ) that has essential oils with antifungal/antibacterial properties.

45 minutes – $45.00 taxes included

Start off with a 15-minute foot bath — followed by a mini facial session; includes cleanser/toner/cream; scalp massage/mini facial. Followed by a session of light filing to keep feet smooth and soft, finishing off with a moisturizer and massage.

The first visit adds on a fee of $5.00 for the foot file (leave here) or bring your own.

***Our skin is one of the largest organs our bodies have and it works hard every day to protect us from harmful elements. Developing a skin care routine is important because it can help this organ do its job better and longer****

Foot Bath at Megaroma

It is not selfish to do what is best for you.

Self Care is a Priority, not a Luxury