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Massage at Megaroma Wellness Centre

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Whether your by yourself or bringing some friends along with you, this time is for your shopping/browsing or asking your questions about my services and products. Look forward to meeting you! ( Unless time permits, unfortunately, I will be unable to custom make products at this time; but I will be able to book your next visit at that time.
Thank you for understanding
No Charge – 30 minutes.

Book your Workshop

(Dates and Times Vary)
Please visit megaromawellness on Facebook for updates on upcoming Workshops
One to Two Hours ( Minimum 2 guests; maximum 4 )
$25.00 per person

Workshops at Megaroma Wellness
Diffusers at Megaroma Wellness

Booking for Custom Diffusion

(Inhalation) Blends

One participant – $25.00
(Two – Four participants)- $20.00 each

What you can expect at your initial booking:

( 1 – 2 Hours: Depending on how many participants)

– You will be required to read and sign a consent before I begin to prepare a product for you.
– We will create a pure blend in either 5ml or 10ml bottle; or a linen/room spray in either 30ml, 60ml, or 120ml size; an inhaler.
– We will discuss your particular desires for a blend ( car vents; aroma jewelry; ultrasonic diffuser; inhaler etc.) and with over 70 essential oils at your disposal, we will get to work creating the perfect synergy blend for YOU.
-You will receive a 30ml bottle of room spray free of charge OR $4.00 off of the product you choose to make. The price of your product will vary depending on the essential oils used and product and supplies needed. ( usually between $4,00 – $20.00 )
-I will keep a record of each person’s blend and likes and dislikes for future reference and easy refills. Just call ahead and I will prepare for pickup.
-Perhaps learn something new as well as have FUN!!

Follow-up appointment: ( 30-45 minutes) – $15.00 for one participant / $10.00 ea. for Two – Four Participants

Our blends will change at times depending on our life circumstances, book a follow-up if you would like a hand in your new creations.

Booking for Custom Bath and Skin Care Products (Topical)

I can accommodate up to two individuals at one appointment.

One person: $30.00 ( A booking with two the price will be $25.00 per person )

What you can expect at your initial consult: (1 – 2 hours )

– We will consult and complete an intake form as well as read and sign a consent form
– This consult is to determine what your needs are; what your preferred products are ( body wash; bubble bath; bath salts; face regiment; body lotion; body moisturizer; facial scrub), what essential oils you prefer and are suitable for your particular needs. Please be advised that your product may take a couple of days to formulate and create.
–I will keep a record of each person’s blend and likes and dislikes for future reference and easy refills. Just call ahead and I will prepare for pickup or feel free to book a follow-up to have a hand in your new creations.

( A partial payment for your product will be required at the time.)

Follow-up appointment: ( 30-45 minutes ) -$20.00 for one person / $17.00ea. For the two participants.

spa_beauty (1)
Consultation at Megroma Wellness Centre

Booking for In-Depth Consultation for Multiple products

( One on one ) $55.00
What you can expect at your initial consult: ( Approximately 2 hours )

-We will complete a detailed intake form and read and sign a consent form.
-As much as you are comfortable with we will discuss in length all that is happening in your life ( physically/emotionally ) at the time and take a look at how it may be affecting your overall health and well being. Here I will explain a little about how our Chakras work.
-Together we will come up with a plan of incorporating different products ( topical; and or inhalation ), such as an invigorating morning body wash, perhaps creating a diffusion blend that you can wear on a piece of jewelry to promote and peace and calm throughout the day, maybe a cream you can apply on the recurring bothersome rash that keeps coming back. There are many options that could possibly help relieve symptoms of many common ailments.
-I encourage that we keep in touch so that we can keep a record of which methods of healing were successful and those that were less than. Our life circumstances often change without notice and bringing on unwanted changes to our emotional and physical well-being.
-I am here to encourage you; to promote healthier choices, and provide you with the tools and information to do so.

Follow-up appointment: ( 30-60 minutes ) $ 30.00

Mini Facial/Foot Bath

**Soaking feet in a bath of hot water will relax and soothe your body. It can alleviate abdominal pain, headaches, cramps, flu symptoms to name a few.**

-In an all-in-one pedicure spa that has 4 heat and ultrasonic vibration control setting/with a 6-inch deep basin.
-Salt and sugar scrub ( includes honey, baking soda ) that has essential oils with antifungal/antibacterial properties.

45 minutes – $45.00 taxes included

Start off with a 15-minute foot bath — followed by a mini facial session; includes cleanser/toner/cream; scalp massage. Followed by a session of light filing to keep feet smooth and soft, finishing off with a moisturizer and massage.

The first visit adds on fee of $5.00 for the foot file (leave here) or bring your own.

***Our skin is one of the largest organs our bodies have and it works hard every day to protect us from harmful elements. Developing a skin care routine is important because it can help this organ do its job better and longer****


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